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There are many more databases with physics demonstration experiments on the internet. Here are some great links:

Video clips

Steve Spangler Science
 Steve Spangler is an American teacher working with science communication. He is producing science toys and training courses for physics teachers. He is also appearing regularly on TV doing science demonstrations. Video clips on his homepage.

The Whys Guy
 Mats Selen is born in Sweden but has an American citizenship. He has a PhD in physics from Princeton, and he is now working as a professor at the University of Illinois. He is regularly doing TV shows with science demonstrations, which can be seen here.

Why is it so?
 These are clips from a very old TV show called "Why is it so?", where professor Julius Sumner Miller demonstrates science experiments.

Demonstration databases

Database at the University of Iowa
 A really good database with many demonstrations. References with every demo.

Database at the University of Maryland
 Excellent database with a lot of demonstrations and references.

List of databases
 List of databases from the University of Texas at Austins.

R.M. Sutton: "Demonstration Experiments in Physics"
 An online pdf version of Suttons classic book from 1938.

All Science Fair Projects
 A page with several hundreds of demonstration which students can do at science fairs.

Donald Simaneks Physics Lecture Demonstrations
 A large collection of physics demonstrations gathered by Donald Simanek, who is professor of physics at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania.

Julien C. Sprotts Physics Demonstrations
 An online book with many demonstrations written by Clint Sprott, who is professor of physics at the University of Wisconsin i USA.