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About Fysikbasen.dk

On this page you can read about:


FYSIKBASEN.DK was produced in 2004 - 2005 based on sponsorships from public and private Danish companies and organisations. The help from the following sponsors is greatly appreciated:

Tipsmidler fra Undervisningsministeriet
Statens Naturvidenskabelige Forskningsråd
Thomas B. Thriges Fond
FOSS' Gavefond
Otto Bruuns Fond
Faculty of Natural Science
University of Aarhus

About the editor

This page has been made by Klaus Seiersen, PhD in experimental atomic and molecular physics from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. Klaus is today employed as a medical physicist at Aarhus University Hospital. He has previously worked with outreach and science communication, e.g. in The Danish Youth Association of Science, The Danish Physics Show at the University of Aarhus, The High School Workshop of the Physics Show, EuroPhysicsFun.org and ScienceBlog.dk.


What is the future for the database?

The editor is no longer financed to develop the database, and future updates are thus done in his spare time. You are very welcome to contribute by sending pictures and thorough descriptions of demonstration experiments.

Can I use the pictures and diagrams from the database?

Yes you can. However, please refer to FYSIKBASEN.DK as the source.

How about safety?

It is always the teachers responsibilty that the demonstration experiment is performed in a safe way and that local rules and regulations are kept. Some of the demonstrations in the database will include warnings when you need to be particularly careful.

Where else can I find good physics demonstration experiments?

Have a look at our links page.


Here are different logo, which can be used if you want to put a link to FYSIKBASEN.DK on your own homepage:

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The text in the largest logo reads in Danish: "An inspirational database for the physics teachers of Denmark".